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This document will tell you exactly how to stake via the Loki GUI wallet.

The latest version of the wallet can be downloaded here.

Please keep in mind, one can only stake via an open pool with the GUI wallet. If you would like to stake your own node or a create pool, please view the full guide on service nodes here.

Also, this best done with a primary wallet address that is not receiving mining transactions. A separate primary wallet for Staking is recommended.

1) Open the wallet, enter your password, and let it fully sync to the latest blockheight. Open-Wallet-Fully-sync

2) Click on the advanced and then on the service node tab.


3) On this step you will need to enter the service node public key obtained from the node operator or LokiBlocks, your primary wallet address to receive awards, and the amount of Loki you are contributing to the node.


4) Once that is filled out, simply hit the stake button.


(Please note, if you receive an error at this step, you will likely need to use the Loki CLI to run sweep_all(YOUR ADDRESS) to fix this or simply use a separate GUI wallet primary address)

5) Congratulations, you are now staking!

6) If you have questions or need help with this guide feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Telegram.